Meet Jamilla Founder of HER Health Nurse

Jamilla H. Webb is ​a​ Registered ​Nurse and writer. She has nearly 20 years of experience in Public Health, Infectious Disease (HIV/AIDS) care, Pediatrics, Labor and Delivery nursing, and healthcare-focused writing.

Deeply Rooted

I am the third generation of women in healthcare in my family. I’m deeply rooted in service to others, community, and cultural pride – values bestowed upon me by my parents.

Service with Purpose

My career in nursing began in my hometown of Washington, DC caring for youth at Children’s National Medical Center. Upon relocation to New Orleans, LA in 2011, I cared for adults living with HIV/AIDS at the largest AIDS service organization in the Southern Gulf Coast area. Since then I have served and volunteered with numerous healthcare facilities and organizations including Birthmark Doula Collective, LSU’s Department of Pediatrics Division of Adolescent Medicine, Trinity Health, International Medical Relief, Nurses for Africa, and BET’s “Rap it Up” campaign. The lack of comprehensive reproductive health education and alarming rate of STIs and unplanned pregnancies I witnessed among youth in my community were my call to action. They led me to found HER Health Nurse. 

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